Politico: Billionaire Paul Singer Wants Marco Rubio ‘Small Mammal Campaign’ to Go Large

Marco Rubio

Politico reports that big GOP donor Paul Singer wants to see more from Sen. Marco Rubio and his presidential campaign. 

Paul Singer, the billionaire super PAC moneyman, likes Marco Rubio just fine — but he’s not quite ready to crack his seven-figure checkbook for a shoestring Rubio campaign run out of a tatty Capitol Hill row house.

Like just about every Republican these days, Singer — who accrued a $2 billion fortune through a famously cautious investment strategy — is wondering if the ascendant 44-year-old Florida senator can really create a big-time national campaign, said two people familiar with the hedge fund manager’s thinking.

It’s not clear whether Singer grilled Rubio about his campaign when the two men supped in New York earlier this month, but in the past he’s aired concerns about the scope of the senator’s political operation and fundraising operations, the sources told POLITICO.

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