Chicago PD Will Not Charge Concealed Permit Holder Who Saved Woman

Chicago, IL

On November 2, the Chicago Police Department announced it would not be charging the concealed carry permit holder who intervened and killed an alleged robber who was pointing a gun at a female store employee on Halloween.

The Chicago Tribune reported the incident occurred some time around 7 p.m., after police say 55-year-old Reginald Gildersleeve entered the store, “announced a robbery… and displayed a handgun.” After displaying the gun, Gildersleeve pointed it at a female employee, and the concealed permit holder shot him multiple times. Gildersleeve was later pronounced dead.

After the incident occurred, Fox News/AP reported that Chicago PD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said police were looking at the concealed permit holder’s actions “as a self-defense issue at [that] point,” but nothing more concrete was said. Guglielmi indicated “it’s a slippery slope” for police in “trying to ascertain if individuals with concealed permits should intervene in dangerous situations, if at all.”

Then, on Monday, the Chicago PD announced they would not charge the concealed permit holder who intervened to save a woman’s life. According to WGN, Guglielmi explained that “investigators classified the shooting as self-defense after they reviewed witness statements and surveillance videos from the store and currency exchange.”

The WGN report reaffirms that the concealed permit holder opened fire after the robber pointed his gun at a female employee “and forced her to the back of the store.”

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