3 in 4 Australians Believe Their Gun-Controlled Country Will Face Large-Scale Terror Attack

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 16: A newsagent organises the morning papers on December 16, 2014 in Sydney, Australia.
Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

A Newspoll survey published November 22 shows that three in four Australians believe their gun-controlled country will face a large-scale terror attack.

The results of this poll came a day before the The Guardian reported that Australian Justice Minister Michael Keenan said his country is in “a better position to avoid a large-scale, Paris-style terrorist attack because of [its] comprehensive gun laws.”

Keenan said, “The robust gun control that we’ve had in Australia for the past 20 years would mean that it would be very difficult to get your hands on those sort of high-powered weapons that we saw used in those Paris attacks.” But the Australian people appear to think otherwise.

In fact, according to the Newspoll results—which were also published by The Guardian—three in four Australians believe their country will face a large-scale terror attack, and one in four are convinced such an attack is “inevitable.”

The poll also shows that “two thirds of Australians believe the Muslim community is not doing enough to condemn terrorist acts.”

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