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‘Legacy’: 10 Ways Barack Obama Broke the American System

What broke it? Both parties acquiesced in bank liberalization, in open-borders immigration, and in Wall Street bailouts. But the most acute challenge was Barack Obama’s direct attack on the constitutional framework itself. Obama sought to transform America, and believed that the ends would justify the means.


Trump’s Opportunity to Be the Legal Immigration President

Donald Trump has an opportunity to be the “immigration president.” That may seem ironic, or unlikely, given his staunch opposition to illegal immigration, his proposals to restrict Muslim immigration, and his infamous wall on the Mexican border.

Reince Priebus and Paul Manafort

RNC Spox: Democrats ‘Playing Catch Up’ on GOP, Trump Voter Data

Following an Associated Press report suggesting presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is “critically behind” likely Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton “on cutting-edge voter data,” the Republican National Committee (RNC) is striking back, saying it’s the Democrats who “are playing catch up.”

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Pew: 65% of Americans Don’t Trust Media

A national survey by Pew Research Center reveals how distrustful the American public feels about the media; 65 percent say the national news media impacts the country negatively.

Hillary Clinton Awarded The 2013 Lantos Human Rights Prize

Hillary Clinton Campaign in Free Fall

Two state polls from NBC/Marist, released Sunday, show Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is now ahead of Hillary by 11 points in New Hampshire, the first primary state. In Iowa, Hillary is still ahead of Sanders, but she only earns 38 percent of the vote among Hawkeye Democrats.


The Economist: America Averages One Mass Shooting a Day

On August 1, The Economist claimed America averages one mass shooting a day, and they countered the impulse to use a gun to defend oneself from mass shooters by suggesting “the impulse to self-defense… is natural, but mistaken.”

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How Many Latinos Need to Support Republicans for There to Be Future Conservative Presidents?

(Ferenstein Wire) — White Americans are slowly dwindling into the minority, which poses big problems for Republicans. Democrats’ popularity with minorities has helped them snag the presidency in recent elections. By 2024, Republicans may need to blow past George Bush’s 2004 historic record with Latinos (44 percent) in order to ever have a shot again at another conservative president.