Muslim Women Launch #JeSuisHijabi Campaign to Dispel Myths


Muslim women in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, have launched a campaign to encourage non-Muslims to become familiar with the hijab and why they wear it.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association introduced the #JeSuisHijabi campaign at an open house event at the Baitul Hadi mosque in Edmonton. The women, according to the Edmonton Sun, are planning to hold more events at the University of Alberta Student’s Union building to invite women to try on a hijab in order to promote awareness about its significance and respect for the Muslim religion.

Nudrat Mansoor said the hijab is “more than a piece of cloth,” and is an expression of her faith as well as a symbol of modesty.

Mansoor said many non-Muslims believe the hijab is a symbol of oppression, but she says it is for her a symbol of empowerment.

“We do it because we love it,” she said. “We love our god, we want to follow the commandments of our god and we want to be modest and prevent society from social ills.”

Mansoor added that discrimination against Muslims has increased since the radical Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris and in San Bernardino. She said she would like to promote peace and harmony.

“It’s my choice to wear a hijab and I think I should be respected for that,” Mansoor said.