John Kasich Lectures Trump Supporters for Booing Muslim Protesters

AP Photo
AP Photo

Ohio governor John Kasich lectured supporters of Donald Trump for booing a Muslim woman who was booted from a rally last night.

As protesters interrupted a panel forum where Kasich and Sen. Marco Rubio were speaking, Rubio jokingly hinted that perhaps they should resort to Trump-style tactics to deal with them.

Rubio tried to resume his answer to a question, but Kasich interrupted.

“I don’t want to take over here … I was on television this morning and I saw a crowd booing this woman who was being escorted,” he said, alluding to Trump. “That’s not the spirit of Jack Kemp, I mean we are people that can tolerate differences and respect people and this is just nonsense and that is not the Republican party.”

Both Kasich and Rubio were speaking at the Jack Kemp Forum in Columbia, South Carolina that was moderated by House Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC).

Kasich didn’t specifically name Trump, although it was clear that he was referring to the media firestorm in reaction to a female Muslim protestor being escorted out of Trump’s political rally by security.

Later, Kasich admitted to reporters that his comments about Trump might hurt him in the Republican primary but argued there was more to life than winning.

“This is not some high school basketball game,” he said.