Bernie Sanders Signed Off on ‘We Believe in Marriage Week’

Sanders mayor Donna Light AP
Donna Light/AP

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders signed a document declaring a “We Believe in Marriage Week” when he was the mayor of Burlington, Vermont.

bombshell document shows that the Burlington City Council approved a 1982 resolution to celebrate marriage as an institution between a man and a woman. Sanders is now running a staunchly pro-gay marriage campaign.

The resolution provides that “WHEREAS the basic building block of the American society has always been the family; and – WHEREAS, the family has been the keeper of society’s values; and WHEREAS, marriage should be viewed as a lifelong commitment between husband and wife filled with mutual respect and open, honest communication.”

The resolution expressed “hope that the institution of marriage may once again be revered as the cornerstone of the American society and its way of life.”

Mayor Bernie Sanders’ handwritten signature graces the document on page two.

Sanders has presented himself as a longtime advocate for gay marriage who has helped to “radically transform” anti-gay marriage culture in America.

The Sanders campaign did not immediately return a request for comment.