Alabama Mom High on Spice Arrested


Authorities in Alabama arrested an 18-year-old mother high on spice for reckless endangerment and domestic violence.

A video allegedly shows Lauren Brooke Englett “acting erratically with her 2-year-old child on the porch of her home.” She admits in the video that she was “high on spice.”


A man and woman appear high, rocking back and forth, and unresponsive as a toddler cries. The man gives the baby a bottle, but once he and the woman fall over, the baby cries and drops the bottle.

The baby then walks to the woman, who limps over in a seizure.

The Department of Human Resources said the child is safe and in custody.

Authorities said spice contains “synthetic cannabinoids, often mixed with other chemicals.” Outlets have reported the drug has caused “a growing number of severe illnesses and deaths in Alabama.”