Politico: ‘Inside the GOP’s Late Push to Stop Trump’

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Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Politico writes about the GOP establishment’s final attempt to stop Donald Trump:

One week and one day.

That’s how long the old guard of the Republican Party believes it has to take down Donald Trump in what’s become a mad scramble to blunt the billionaire’s momentum before delegate-rich, winner-take-all contests crown him the presumptive GOP nominee.

Nearly $10 million in spending by anti-Trump forces and the pro-Marco Rubio super PAC has poured into the race since Super Tuesday, with much of the focus on Florida and its crucial haul of 99 delegates.

The goal, according to people familiar with the effort, has been to assemble as much as $25 million to spend against the New York businessman before March 15. Some, however, doubt the figure will ultimately reach that high. And even Trump opponents are questioning if the donor world has moved from hand-wringing to check-writing in time.

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