NostraBeckus: Glenn Beck Lists His ‘Predictions That Have Come True’


Radio host Glenn Beck posted a link on his Facebook page to an article titled “Glenn’s Predictions That Have Come True From 1999 to 2010.”

The article, which was originally published on Beck’s personal website, includes a transcript and video excerpt of a segment from Beck’s Blaze show where he outlines his past “predictions” and encourages viewers to heed his current warnings.

From the article on his website:

During his radio show Thursday, Glenn pulled out a chalkboard to outline some of his past warnings that were mocked by the media at first, only to ultimately come to pass.

“We’ve been wrong on a lot of things, but there’s been a clear pattern,” Glenn said. “As you start to put these things together, you can see that we have — as a group, you have — because you’ve taken the beatings for these because everybody mocked you at home. But we have seen over the horizon, and I want to fill you with the hope that what’s over the horizon is tough, but good.”

An excerpt from the transcript on Beck’s website (emphasis in the original):

1999: NYC — Osama bin Ladin
So let’s start with 1999, Osama bin Laden. I was on the air on WABC in 1999. And in 1999, I said, “Are you ready to fight terror? It’s a completely different world. Osama bin Laden — there will be blood, bodies, and buildings in the street.”

2003: Downfall of the GOP
Okay. The next one, would you say it was the downfall of the G.O.P.? Because I started saying that pretty early.

PAT: Yeah. In 2004, maybe.

GLENN: ‘3, ‘4. Something isn’t right.

PAT: Uh-huh.

GLENN: And I starred [sic] telling people — I started talking to them on the air. If anybody is a long-term listener, they remember that I would talk on the air and say to everybody in Washington, “Do you realize what’s happening? Do you realize that you’re disenfranchising people?”

Then what?

2004: Economy — Housing Crisis
STU: I mean, you certainly were warning about the economy collapsing pretty early.

GLENN: That was ’04. Because I remember I was saying during the election of Bush. That was the housing bubble and the banking crisis. Because I was talking about how, don’t take out these loans.

Read the rest here. Watch the video of the segment here.


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