Alleged Intruder Searches Residence for Woman, Finds Her, Gets Shot

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Nashville, TN

On March 18, a man allegedly forced his way into an apartment, searched for the female tenant, and was shot once with a .357 magnum when he found her.

The alleged intruder broke in around 11 a.m. in Nashville, Tennessee.

According to News Channel 5, 36-year-old JoShanda Odems “heard repeated knocking at her door and saw a man she did not know through the peephole.” She grabbed her .357 magnum and called 911 as she retreated to a closet in her bedroom.

The alleged intruder — 24-year-old Trenton Hartman — managed to enter the apartment and began moving room to room inside. Odems readied herself when she heard him enter her bedroom and pulled the trigger after he opened the door of the closet in which she was hiding.

Hartman allegedly turned and fled the scene but was apprehended after going to Vanderbilt University Medical Center to have his gunshot wound treated. News Channel 5 reveals that Hartman was out “on a $4,000 bond for a felony theft charge” at the time that he allegedly broke into Odems’s apartment. He is now being held on a $100,000 bond.

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