Sahil Kapur: Democrats Worried Donald Trump Could Win with White Working Class Voters

Washington, DC

WASHINGTON—Democrats are worried about Donald Trump’s possible path to victory by mobilizing working-class voters on the issue of trade, according to Bloomberg writer Sahil Kapur. Though the GOP frontrunner’s path to ultimate victory would still be “extremely difficult,” Kapur said, “people should not completely write him off on this, and a lot of Democrats are increasingly taking him seriously.”

Kapur is a political analyst with Bloomberg News, and spoke today with Breitbart News Executive Chariman Stephen K. Bannon on Breitbart News Daily. He explained that he was spending time talking with Democrats, who originally considered the billionaire a laughingstock, but are shifting to the opinion that his bombastic style and antics—tactics that in previous election cycles were toxic for other candidates—have instead proven effective for Trump.

As a consequence, “Democrats are a little more nervous than they were” about the prospect of possibly facing Trump in November. Specifically, Democrats are concerned about Trump’s message resonating with blue-collar voters in Rust Belt states, such as Ohio.

Kapur characterized Trump’s rhetoric on women, immigrants, and others as a “double-edged sword.” Many of his comments that alarm many voters also mobilize a sizable block of voters to support him. While it is “far from clear” that a general-election audience will respond favorably to such statements, it is clear that they resonate with many voters participating in the Republican primaries.

While many experts regard Trump as “a dead man walking” in terms of the general election, Kapur says that Trump faces long odds, but does have a possible route to victory:

The mathematical path to victory that I found most plausible—if he does have one—is essentially he needs to win Florida and flip three out of four midwestern states that President Obama won in 2012… That’s going to be an extremely difficult task, but the issue of trade and unorthodox policy proscriptions he’s put on the table mean that I don’t think people should not completely write him off on this, and a lot of Democrats are increasingly taking him seriously.

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Ken Klukowski is legal editor for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @kenklukowski.