John Bolton: Brexit Being Driven by Same Populism Fueling Donald Trump’s Campaign

AP Photo/Dennis Cook
AP Photo/Dennis Cook
Washington, DC

In discussing the implications for Brexit relative to America’s ongoing political battle to elect the next president, former Ambassador John Bolton said:

I think what (Brexit) will show is when you let the people vote, rather than the opinion leaders tell them what they think, they do surprising things. You know the lords of finance here in Britain are all in favor of staying in the European Union. The exit vote comes from the middle class and if it prevails it will come from blue collar labor union members who actually believe in self government. They don’t want to be ruled from Brussels. And I think this is the spirit that has animated much of this year’s campaigning. I think going back to the Tea Party it’s just fundamental conservative belief that Washington’s out of control. It’s too distant. It’s under the control of special interests. And that the people’s only remedy is to lessen its control over their lives. That’s what a leave vote would mean here. And I think it would be a powerful signal in the United States. It’s populist to be sure but it’s the people against the establishment.

Bolton also said it’s “an existential vote for the British people and it has profound implications not only for them but for the United States. I think the European Union (EU) has made Europe less than the sum of its parts and I think a British vote to exit would not only free the Brits from a sclerotic, undemocratic EU, it would profoundly shake up the other members. And I think that’s all for the good.”

He also believes the EU will be desperate to hold onto Britain no matter what the outcome of the vote, saying “They desperately fear Britain leaving and my prediction would be, if the leave voters win today, Juncker and the other leaders in Europe will be on their knees tomorrow begging the Brits not to go.”

Bolton also spoke to the significant nature of Hillary Clinton’s ethical and legal problems in her run for the White House.

As Fox News has reported, the Justice Department is investigating not just the security violations caused by the Clinton server and her email problems. They’re also investigating possible public corruption that obviously stems from the Clinton Foundation.  Hillary Clinton’s problems are serious. Her legal problems, her criminal law problems and they extend precisely to this question of what the Clinton Foundation was doing. What ex-president Clinton was doing, Secretary Clinton – whether they violated any laws.

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