EXCLUSIVE – Kathleen Willey on Media Coverage of Melania Trump: ‘Talk About the War on Women’

Michael Smith/Newsmakers
Michael Smith/Newsmakers

The news media is waging a war on women by incessantly “attacking” Melania Trump, declared Kathleen Willey, one of the women who famously accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault and has said she suffered acts of intimidation to silence her.

“Talk about the war on women,” Willey said, referring to news media scrutiny of Melania Trump. “If that isn’t a war on women you tell me what is.”

Willey was being interviewed by this reporter during Breitbart’s live stream coverage from the Republican National Convention.

Willey, speaking by phone, said the “desperate” media was repeatedly “attacking” a woman, Melania, for political reasons.

Willey stated: “Talk about the war on women. Now they are attacking poor Melania Trump for everything from her speech to plagiarism to her outfit to her accent. I mean, you name it.”

“If that isn’t a war on women you tell me what is. She is a beautiful woman, who is a wonderful mother, a wonderful stepmother, who loves her husband, loves being at home with her child. And she is being attacked from all sides by these people.”

Asked why she thinks the news media is scrutinizing Melania Trump, Willey responded: “Because they are desperate. That’s why. Because they are scared to death that Donald Trump is going to win. And you know what, Donald Trump is going to win.”

Willey knows a thing or two about alleged acts against female victims. Willey has previously detailed acts of intimidation she says were meant to silence her when she first made her accusations about Clinton public in 1998.

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