Gun Control Proponent Gabby Giffords Calls Trump ‘Reckless’ For Asking Clinton’s Guards To Give up Guns

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Gun control proponent Gabby Giffords claims Donald Trump’s call for Hillary Clinton to lead by example and disarm her bodyguards proves he is “reckless” and “dangerously unfit” to be president.

Giffords makes this claim after spending the past three years campaigning for state and federal laws that would make it harder for average, law-abiding Americans to get guns to defend their own lives and the lives of their families.

On September 16, Breitbart News reported on Trump’s call for Hillary to disarm her guards. It was his way of showing the hypocrisy of the fact that she lives behind layers of armed guards–and has for decades–yet wants to take your guns away and abolish the Second Amendment protections on gun rights. And this was not the first time Trump has called Hillary to lead by example on her gun control wishes–he issued the same call on January 3 via Facebook, and he did so again on May 20 after receiving the NRA’s endorsement for president.

But Giffords claims that Trump overstepped by calling for Clinton to disarm her bodyguards and experience the trepidation that average Americans would experience if told their guns will be taken away; to feel the angst that a single mother in the inner city feels when more gun control means she might lose the only means she has to keep her family safe.

Giffords said:

[Trump] is reckless, irresponsible and unworthy of the office he seeks. In his more stable moments, Mr. Trump has said he regrets some of the ugly insults and dangerous threats he has leveled during the course of this campaign. We call on him to immediately renounce these comments, apologize to Hillary Clinton, and acknowledge that once again he has gone dangerously too far.

The New York Times reacted similarly to Trump’s calls for Hillary to lead by example and disarm her bodyguards. They reported on the statement in a way that made it seem he had spoken the unspeakable and suggested that Trump’s statement was a “provocative echo” of his August 9 statements about armed Americans being the last defense against tyranny.

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