Barack Obama Stumps for Hillary Clinton On Florida Radio

White House Photo
White House Photo

With early voting about to get underway ion Florida, President Barack Obama is working to energize Hillary Clinton’s supporters.

Obama phoned in to 95.7 The Beat, a local radio station in Tampa Bay, to talk about the economic recovery, bringing home troops and extending health care to millions.

“One of the reasons I wanted to call you up was just to make sure that everybody understood, as usual, that Florida matters in this election. Your vote matters,” Obama said.  “If we’re going to protect and build on the progress we’ve made in the last eight years, I need everybody in the Tampa Bay area to vote. So don’t wait. Voting in Florida has never been easier.”

The Tampa Bay Times reports that “the radio host said the only person she’d be more excited to talk to is First Lady Michelle Obama, Will she run for president some day?” Obama responded quickly with “no.” He added, “she’s got more sense than that.”

But you can tell, the fact that she’s been out there as much as she has — even more than she was, I think, during my election — is a testament to how deeply she cares about the choice in this election.

Obama’s also called into a local Miami hip-hop station, where he discussed differences between Clinton and her Republican opponent Donald Trump. He also injected himself into the Florida U.S. Senate race between incumbent Marco Rubio and his Democrat opponent Patrick Murphy, by giving a shout-out to Murphy while stumping for Clinton.

Miami- Dade county has seen the largest increase in the number of registered voters in the state. Tampa Bay Times reports that between August 1 and September 30, the county has seen an increase of thirty-eight thousand registered voters.