Women’s March a ‘Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the Abortion Movement’

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 22: Pro-choice activists shout slogans before the annual March for Life passes by the U.S. Supreme Court January 22, 2015 in Washington, DC. Pro-life activists gathered in the nation's capital to mark the 1973 Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion. (Photo by Alex …
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In a remarkably honest write-up, the New York Times has acknowledged that the Women’s March on Washington is nothing more than a front for the U.S. abortion lobby and has quashed attempts of pro-life feminists to participate.

According to the Times, organizers have created a “bitter rift” among women’s groups by spurning the requests of pro-life organizations to be officially included in Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington.

The article also recognized that far from being the “grass roots” movement it claims to be, the Women’s March is organized and paid for by the abortion lobby.

The abortion giant Planned Parenthood “is the lead financial sponsor of the Women’s March and is helping to organize the event, along with Naral Pro-Choice America and other abortion-rights organizations,” the piece states.

Both Planned Parenthood and Naral, the article notes, “have a powerful presence here in the capital and are expert at organizing protests.”

Pro-life feminist Dr. Charmaine Yoest, a senior fellow at American Values, said she resents the implication that to be a true woman, one must be pro-choice.

“This is what we conservative women live with all the time, this idea that we somehow aren’t really women and we just reflect internalized misogyny,” she said.

Yoest said that the Women’s March doesn’t represent women. “I think they are a wholly owned subsidiary of the abortion movement,” she said.

On Monday, Breitbart News reported that organizers had expelled a feminist group from the list of participants at the Women’s March when they discovered that the group did not adhere to the strict pro-abortion requirement for marchers.

New Wave Feminists had been chosen as an official partner of the Jan. 21 Women’s March on Washington, until the Atlantic magazine revealed that the group believes in the right to life of unborn children.

Women’s March organizers swiftly removed the group from its roster of partners, and apologized for having allowed them in the first place.

“The Women’s March’s platform is pro-choice and that has been our stance from day one,” the organizers said in a statement. “The anti-choice organization in question is not a partner of the Women’s March on Washington. We apologize for this error.”

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