Campus Carry Passes Out of Committee in Wyoming

campus carry
AP/The Tulsa World/James Gibbard

Legislation to allow concealed carry permit holders to carry guns on college campuses passed out of Wyoming’s House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

The bill–HB 136–is sponsored by state representative Bo Biteman (R-51), who said, “The purpose of the bill is to restore fundamental and natural rights to self-defense.”

In the Casper Star Tribune, Jan Loftus, a mother from Sheridan, spoke in favor of the bill, pointing out that gun-free campuses “across the country” have been attacked by people who do not want their victims shooting back. She said, “Criminals target areas, as we all know, that are not allowed to have guns.” And Michelle Sabrosky, the mother of a Casper College student, said, “I would like to know there could be good guys with guns to combat bad guys with guns.”

University of Wyoming vice president Chris Boswell spoke against allowing concealed permit holders to keep guns with them for self-defense. He cited the school’s “suicide prevention” efforts and said the presence of guns makes “suicide easier.”

HB 136 passed by a vote of six to three. The three representatives who voted against allowing concealed permit holders to be armed for self-defense were Charles Pelkey (D-45), Dan Kirkbride (R-4), and Bill Pownall (R-52).

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