Pennsylvania Man Who Wore ‘Drunk Lives Matter’ Shirt Arrested for DUI

Drunk Lives Matter, DUI
Newville Police Facebook

A Pennsylvania man who wore a “Drunk Lives Matter” t-shirt was busted for driving under the influence.

Elwood Gutshall III, 44, of Newville was stopped by police just after midnight for committing several traffic violations with his pick-up truck, WKYC reported.

Police determined that the driver was under the influence of alcohol and had Gutshall submit to a blood test to determine his blood alcohol content.

The blood draw revealed that his BAC was .217, prompting authorities to charge him with DUI of the Highest Rate, driving under DUI suspension and multiple traffic violations, according to the Newville Police Department.

This is not Gutshall’s first run-in with the law.

He has also been charged with burglary, simple assault, terroristic threats, criminal trespass, and criminal mischief after he allegedly kicked in the front door of a woman’s home in 2009, the Washington Times reported.