Police: Husband Attacks Wife with Screwdriver in Manhattan Barber Shop

Screwdriver-wielding man repeatedly stabs wife in Manhattan barbershop

A New York City man who repeatedly stabbed his wife with a screwdriver while she waited on a bench in a Manhattan barber shop is facing attempted murder charges, police said.

WATCH: Shocking Moment Husband Attacks His Wife with a Screwdriver

Police told NBC New York on Monday night that the alleged attacker, Jose Castillo, 66, faces charges of attempted murder and criminal weapons possession for stabbing his wife five times at the barber shop last week.

Surveillance footage from the Thursday attack shows a man wearing a black jacket walk up to a woman in the barbershop before violently stabbing her with the screwdriver.

The shop owner, Angel Sierra, attempted to wrestle away the screwdriver from the suspect, the Daily Mail reported. Sierra and the suspect fought throughout the shop, crashing into a storage bin that fell to the floor.

The victim, who had been hiding, ran up the stairs and tried to escape from the shop before the suspect dragged her back in. The woman and the suspect struggled some more before Sierra intervened again. She collapsed outside the barbershop, and the suspect ran off.

Police say the woman was rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital to be treated for multiple stab wounds and lacerations. Sierra, who visited the woman in the hospital, said Monday she is recovering but still breathing through a tube.

Police say Castillo might have been motivated to attack his wife because he suspected she was cheating on him.

Castillo turned himself in to authorities and is being held on $250,000 bond, CBS New York reported.