Morning Playlist: Indies Cover the Slightly Less Indie

Candy Claws, “Do You Ever Feel That Way?” (Starflyer 59 Cover)

Of all the contemporary Christian bands in the genre’s mid-to-late ’90s boom period, Starflyer 59 was one of the few respectable acts, as they understood the difference between “Christian rock” and “rock made by Christians.” Skirting the edges of grunge, shoegaze, and emo, the band carved a respectable niche for itself alongside contemporaries like Pedro the Lion, gaining enough industry respect to inspire a covers album after their breakup. The track “Do You Ever Feel That Way?”, re-recorded by sunshiney haze-rockers Candy Claws, adds a noisy, ebullient, wider scope to the original’s lilting melody, and Candy Claws pull off Starflyer singer Jason Martin’s vocal affectations rather uncannily.

For those unfamiliar with Starflyer 59, here’s a track from one of their latter works:

Starflyer 59, “Good Sons”

[youtube SqQ-3stUaUc nolink]

The New Wave-heavy sound of “Good Sons” eases our transition to another recently unveiled cover song.

Destroyer, “Leave Me Alone” (New Order Cover)

[youtube eR85bAxCX6M nolink]

Dan Bejar may be better able to hit high notes than New Order’s Bernard Sumner, but he’s still able to convey the same vulnerability and weariness as the British frontman responsible for keeping the remaining members of Joy Division out of the unemployment line. Aside from adding some atmospheric, heavy reverb during the verses, there aren’t many obvious changes in Destroyer’s take on “Leave Me Alone,” but this faithful adaptation somehow carries on the unique atmosphere of Bejar’s latest album, “Kaputt.” There’s more subtext here than in Sumner’s original–more longing, more ennui– and the instrument tracks are noticeably more dynamic, dropping in and out and slowly building to a satisfying climax. This appears on a mix of New Order covers compiled by Mojo Magazine.

And to represent New Order, here’s a song that, if you catch me on the right day, I believe is the greatest ever recorded:

New Order, “Bizarre Love Triangle” (12″ version)

[youtube yZ49jgaNdtQ nolink]

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