Survivor Sues Gingrich Over Use of 'Eye of the Tiger'

At this rate, GOP politicians may have to write their own campaign music before hitting the stump.

Newt Gingrich became the latest Republican to learn you can’t just crank up the classic rock to rally the base.

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Survivor, the ’80s band best known for “Eye of the Tiger,” is suing the former Speaker for using “Tiger” on the campaign trail.

The suit, filed Monday in Illinois District Court, alleges that Gingrich has made “unlicensed and unauthorized use” of “Eye of the Tiger” since “at least as early as 2009” at political conferences and campaign events. The complaint cites one recent instance in Doylestown, Pa., when “Mr. Gingrich entered the packed Moose Lodge for a speech as the song ‘pulsed,’ according to the Newt 2012, Inc. website.

Singers routinely force Republican politicians, from Sarah Palin to former President George W. Bush, to stop playing their music on the campaign trail. Free publicity takes a back seat to ideology, the same ol’ song in today’s celebrity circles.