Box Office Predictions: Are 'Good Deeds' More Valuable than an 'Act Of Valor?'

Yes, it’s true. Sensei’s call streak finally ended last week with “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’s” dismal showing. The current streak ended at 13 straight weeks, making it the third longest Sensei streak. So did anyone beat the Sensei? Well, not so much on the top call, but commenterLamdog did note the following:

The word of mouth may kill Ghost Rider. It’s not that it is bad; character development, don’t laugh, was weak.

No, we’re definitely not laughing. You were right about word of mouth killing “Ghost Rider 2.” This weekend, the fascinating “Act Of Valor” squares off with Tyler Perry.

Our weekend predictions and revenue results go as follows.

1. Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds ($24 Million) – There are forces in box office you learn to never bet against. Things like certain action franchises, Batman, and anything with Liam Neeson, Denzel Washington, or Kate Beckinsale. Add to that Tyler Perry films, which seem to always beat projections. This will be no different.

[youtube K15ynaAj3M0 nolink]

2. Act Of Valor ($22 Million) – This action film is trying something new, a refreshing feeling in Hollywood nowadays. It does have a “Chronicle”-like feel going for it, which is good. Don’t be surprised to see this one go higher and really shock Hollywood.

[youtube Nrhd2WPd64E nolink]

3. Safe House ($15 Million) – This hit for Denzel Washington rolls on and has already passed the box office gross for his 2010 film “Unstoppable.” Pretty impressive after only two weeks.

[youtube oWzTOoOpFa8 nolink]

4. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island ($13.5 Million) – Again, look for a surprising surge of family audience interest to keep this one in the top five.

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5. The Vow ($13 Million) – This memory-loss romance tale will have to deal with “Journey 2’s” hold. It could go higher if enough interest remains from younger female audiences.

[youtube 8swF2-R6X9A nolink]

In other calls: Look for “Wanderlust” to pull around $8.5 million and the Amanda Seyfried film “Gone” to gross around $6.7 million.

That’s Sensei’s take. Your thoughts?