Trailer Talk: 'Avengers' Assemble, Squabble in New Superhero Snippet

Superhero movies are big. “The Avengers” promises to be the biggest of them all, if quantity counts.

The film, based on the Marvel Comics’ series, gathers Earth’s mightiest heroes for one larger than life adventure.

The production’s second trailer shows how The Hulk joined the supergroup, why a conflicted Captain America (Chris Evans) put his suspended animation concerns aside to save the planet and how easily Thor (Chris Hemsworth) can summon lightning when the mood strikes. The clip also features a little Avengers on Avengers fisticuffs plus more of the wonderfully idiosyncratic banter by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.).

The scene where the camera spins slowly around those assembling Avengers is goosebump time for comic book geeks, but watching Scarlett Johansson load her gun hardly seems likely to strike fear in the hearts of evil doers.

The minds behind the film must be hoping “The Avengers” overcomes two serious obstacles.

Movie audiences will start showing signs of Superhero Fatigue Syndrome any moment now. And while the original “Iron Man” film proved a sturdy introduction to the metallic Avenger, films based on both “Thor” and “Captain America” were merely good, nothing more. Neither captured the comic zeitgeist like “Spider-Man” or “The Dark Knight.”

And after two “Hulk” reboots audiences are still uneasy at the sight of a computer-generated green beastie.