Slut-Gate Blowback: Axelrod Bails On Maher

Slut-Gate Blowback: Axelrod Bails On Maher

More blowback from the White House’s cynical war on the non-existent war on women — this time it’s HBO’s Bill Maher and the White House’s own David Axelrod. 

Axelrod was set to appear on Maher’s weekly HBO comedy/talk show “Real Time,” but it was learned last night that the appearance has since been cancelled. This has to be a bitter pill for Maher, who recently and very publicly donated $1 million to a Barack Obama super PAC. Moreover, due to legitimate cries of hypocrisy from the Right after the Left began their neo-fascist crusade against Limbaugh, that contribution is now seen as a a major liability for the President — something Republicans intend to hit him with unless and until it’s returned.

Once again the Left is paying the price of a war they started to get Limbaugh removed from the air — a war they’ve been waging for years. In doing this, the Left has set a standard that they themselves are most guilty of falling short of. It’s just a fact that when you compare what Limbaugh said (and has since apologized for) to what Maher’s said over the years (especially about Republican women like Sarah Palin), Rush looks like a Quaker.

The person who seems to be driving much of the blowback against the Left is Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren who, on March 8, brought attention to condemned Axelrod’s “Real Time” appearance. Susteren is also seen as the reason behind comedian Louis C.K.’s decision earlier this week to drop out of a prestigious speaking gig at the annual Radio & Television Congressional Correspondents.

Axelrod’s cancellation proves once again that when you lie down with dogs you get fleas. The White House chose to lie down with Media Matters and MSNBC in the hopes of silencing Limbaugh, one of their most effective critics. Thus far, the result has been disastrous. Obama’s poll numbers are slipping and Obama allies like Bill Maher and Louis C.K. and Al Sharpton are the ones taking the most public hits.

The question now is whether or not the First Lady will still appear on David Letterman’s show this coming Monday night. Letterman is no stranger to using the word “slut” on the air and it’s not  unreasonable to expect the White House to hold themselves to the standards it’s set for others.