Wanda Sykes Slams Mitt by Talking About Ann's Vagina

Wanda Sykes Slams Mitt by Talking About Ann's Vagina

It’s not enough that Wanda Skykes is one of many modern humorists who can’t find a reason to tease or target President Barack Obama. Now, Sykes is using Mitt Romney’s wife as a launching pad for her off-color humor.

Or rather a part of Mrs. Romney that shouldn’t be political fodder.

Sykes appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” last night and tried to paint Romney as the Panderer in Chief – even though President Barack Obama’s ability to defer to the crowd du jour is legendary.

Newsbusters catches Sykes’ latest high-larious political material:

“[Romney] says whatever should be said in front of that organization. He’s like the Forrest Gump of candidates. He was in Michigan. “I like cars. My wife has a car.” You know? He was in Wisconsin, “Had myself a grilled cheese sandwich today. That was nice.” I would love to see him in front of NOW. “Boy, women, boy I like women. You know, my wife has a vagina. I like that. I like that.”