Big Oil in 'Dallas' Reboot's Cross Hairs

Big Oil in 'Dallas' Reboot's Cross Hairs

Hollywood loves to bash Big Oil, even if most of its denizens use quite a bit of that Texas Tea.

Heck, even “The Muppets” got in the act last year, making the villain itching to trash the beloved Muppets studio a cad named Tex Richman.

The new TNT reboot of “Dallas,” set to bow June 13, looks to elbow into the action. Larry Hagman, whose “I Dream of Jeannie” fame was eclipsed by his turn as J.R. Ewing in the original “Dallas,” promises the new show won’t take kindly to old-school oil types.

…the actor is convinced viewers will once again tune in as it reflects the public’s current perception of energy giants.

He tells the Wall Street Journal, “The price of gasoline (today). The price of oil. Exxon declares the biggest profit in history of any corporation. The same s**t’s happening now as happened 25, 30 years ago.”

The new series, which features “Dallas” regulars Linda Gray, Hagman and Patrick Duffy alongside a new guard including Jordana Brewster of “Fast and Furious” fame, will feature members of the Ewing clan trying to go green.

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