'Occupy Unmasked' Filmmakers Receiving Death Threats

'Occupy Unmasked' Filmmakers Receiving Death Threats

The Hollywood Reporter:

Another documentary is drawing controversy at the Republican National Convention — the filmmakers of Occupy Unmasked, starring the late Andrew Breitbart, say they’ve received dozens of threats of physical violence in advance of Thursday’s screening of the critical look at the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Some of the messages target Brandon Darby and Lee Stranahan, two former leftists who appear in the film, according to a spokesperson for Citizens United Prods, the company behind the film….

Stranahan and Darby each said their home addresses have been published online by those who claim sympathy to OWS. Stranahan said other OWS demonstrators have reached out to him to apologize for others in the movement who have “terrorized” him.