Hollywood Rewards: 'Game Change' Screenwriter Given 'Hunger Games' Gig

Hollywood Rewards: 'Game Change' Screenwriter Given 'Hunger Games' Gig

Danny Strong just landed the best gig in town.

The screenwriter has been selected to pen the final two installments of the “Hunger Games” franchise, the kind of assignment any Hollywood writer would envy.

Surely winning two Emmys for writing the HBO film “Game Change” helped burnish his case, but here’s betting his cinematic assault on Sarah Palin earned him plenty of friends in the industry.

To those not viewing “Game Change” through a hard-left prism, the HBO feature was a shrill, factually incorrect retelling of Palin’s ascension to the top of the GOP Party heap. The film belittled Palin, questioned her mental stability, rendered her cruel and essentially depicted her as a simpleton.

Does that sound like a woman who rose to become a popular governor and now stands as the unofficial leader of the Tea Party, a person who can sway the public debate with a single Facebook post?

Strong’s feeble screenplay earned him awards love all the same, as industry insiders rushed to toast a project that villified the Left’s least favorite politician.

It’s certainly possible Strong will prove a solid choice for the “Hunger Games” assignment, but it’s equally clear he put himself on Hollywood’s radar by serially mocking Palin for all the world to see.