'New Girl' Applauds Romney Family – Without Sucker Punches

'New Girl' Applauds Romney Family – Without Sucker Punches

Conservative TV viewers know what to expect from today’s programs.

If a series brings up a political topic chances are it will be from a left of center perspective. Conservative positions are often considered wrong or offensive. If, heaven forbid, a show introduces a GOP politician into the plot things may just get nasty.

So when “New Girl,” Fox’s sophomore sitcom, brought up the Romneys this week it’s understandable why fans of the GOP presidential candidate might flinch.

Experience taught them to react in such a fashion.

Instead, the show featured people praising the former Mass. governor and only had a little playful fun at the Romney sons’ curt names.

The episode ended up having Schmidt (Max Greenfield) wishing he had a dad as caring as Mitt Romney.

The show didn’t get itself involved in politics, nor did it take any cheap shots at the Romney clan. It merely used the actor’s likeness to the Romney clan as a starting point for a funny story riff.

How … refreshing.