Bill Maher, Alec Baldwin Head Hollywood's Protected Class of Haters

Bill Maher, Alec Baldwin Head Hollywood's Protected Class of Haters

Comedian Bill Maher and Alec Baldwin appear to have nothing in common on the surface.

Maher is the hard-left pundit behind HBO’s long-running Real Time with Bill Maher, while the 30 Rock star transitioned from handsome leading man to comical character actor.

Yet both represent a new breed of entertainer, folks who can do or say virtually anything without getting so much as a stern look from their peers.

Their common bonds? Liberalism, and a modicum of talent.

Baldwin proved this anew when he confronted a black New York Post photographer earlier this week and let loose with a series of racially charged comments (Baldwin denies he did so, but New York city officials are investigating the incident and the photographer stands by his account).

Some media outlets reported the incident. Others ignored it. Either way, it was essentially a one-day story. Ho hum. How many sips did Sen. Marco Rubio take out of that water bottle again?

Maher used his Twitter account today to pile some new hate against the GOP. This time, Maher attacked former Presidential Candidate Herman Cain in terms that would have gotten a conservative actor fired from any and all gigs he or she had now … or in the near future.

Bill Maher Herman Cain tweet

This hardly marks the first, second or fifth time Maher has said something cruel or vile. Heck, he once mocked Sarah Palin’s family – including her special needs child.

Houdini couldn’t escape the media outrage from such a slam. But Maher is no Houdini. He’s a progressive activist given carte blanche by the media, the same free service provided to Baldwin.