Trailer Talk: 'The Conjuring' Delivers Big Scares, Bigger Potential

Trailer Talk: 'The Conjuring' Delivers Big Scares, Bigger Potential

When was the last time a mainstream horror film really scared us?

If you answered, Insidious, then you’ll want to hit play on the following trailer. The Conjuring, from director James Wan (Saw, Insidious), offers the kinds of shocks that should get people rushing to the theater on opening day.

Who knew a pair of clapping hands could be so menacing?

Yes, the whole “Based on a True Story” business is maddening. They didn’t even use the more forgiving “Inspired by a True Story” line.

We can forgive all that because co-star Lili Taylor (Joe lies when he cries from Say Anything) is getting scared out of her wits here, and understandably so. The sneak peek doesn’t give away much about the story, all the better, and the fact that it appears to be another haunted house-style shocker isn’t a concern given the talent on board.

The story follows a pair of paranormal investigators trying to help a rural couple dealing with some frightening bumps in the night. The film stars Taylor, Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga and Ron Livingston, and forgive us for sensing Taylor doesn’t live to see Conjuring 2: Revenge of the Clapper.

The Conjuring starts haunting theaters July 19.