'Copperhead' Director Ron Maxwell Details Arc of His Famed Civil War Film Trilogy

'Copperhead' Director Ron Maxwell Details Arc of His Famed Civil War Film Trilogy

Ron Maxwell is a very busy man these days. His third eagerly awaited Civil War film, Copperhead, releases today, June 28, just in time for 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. He characterizes his previous two Civil war movies, Gettysburg and Gods & Generals as stories about why, “good men choose to fight,” and Copperhead as a story about why “good men choose not to fight.”

I had the chance to sit down with him a month or so ago at his home in Virginia to record an interview for my upcoming film, Gettysburg Final Measure of Devotion as well as the Gettysburg Battlecast. I have known Ron for almost a decade as he graciously agreed to narrate my film on Antietam, Lincoln and Lee at Antietam. He does not lend his voice talents often except for projects that pass his scrutiny. And seeing him a couple of years ago at a July 4th party at historian, Gabor Boritt’s home he jokingly pointed at me and announced to those gathered that, “I is the only person whoever directed him!” Quite an honor indeed.

For this recent interview I recorded his reflections on Gettysburg and where we stood as a nation after 150 years. And many of his comments can be seen right now on the Gettysburg Battlecast. But I also asked him about his forthcoming movie. It has been ten years since God & Generals and I knew Copperhead had to be something truly special for him to return to the Civil War era. And in this video he discusses what motivated him to do the picture.

For more information on Copperhead, please visit the film’s official web site.

Ronald F. Maxwell Discusses COPPERHEAD from Robert Child on Vimeo.