Trailer Talk: Will 'Non-Stop' Prove Liam Neeson Isn't 'Expendable' as Aging Action Star?

Trailer Talk: Will 'Non-Stop' Prove Liam Neeson Isn't 'Expendable' as Aging Action Star?

Liam Neeson is continuing his reign as one of the few older action stars that can still bring the crowds out to the multiplex. His newest film is Non-Stop, and its trailer just recently landed online. The movie is produced by Joel Silver and also stars Julianne Moore. Check out the trailer and some thoughts below.

Neeson has definitely proven he’s an engaging and powerful leading man in action-oriented fare like Taken and The Grey. He brings a wisdom, depth and sense of surprise to these roles that other actors would not. However, he’s also shown he doesn’t always choose the best material to showcase his talents i.e. Taken 2 and Unknown. Considering Silver was a producer on the latter and shows up again here, we have reason to doubt Non-Stop will offer much beyond what a goofy action flick can. Beyond Silver, the mediocre Unknown and this upcoming movie share a director as well: Juame Collet-Serra.

There’s a chance this’ll be a claustrophobic film that really succeeds with its semi-intriguing concept–an air marshal must stop an on-flight killer from taking out a passenger every 20 minutes. Or, it could just be another mediocre actioner that wastes Neeson. I expect the latter but hope for the former.

Non-Stop hits theaters on February 28th, 2013.