Star of HBO's Low-Rated 'Girls' Complains Over Obligation to Tweet

Star of HBO's Low-Rated 'Girls' Complains Over Obligation to Tweet

According to Lena Dunham, the star and creator of HBO’s low-rated “Girls,” she is tweeting against her own will and this is making life really hard for her. Dunham complained to Salon about having to write “under great duress” and how Twitter doesn’t give her a chance to hibernate between projects:

I feel like I miss a little bit the old – I mean it was kind of pre my career – but the idea that you made something, you put out a book or you put out a movie, and then you went into hibernation. You had your experience of preparing to put the next thing into the world. And that doesn’t exist, because people are blogging and tweeting.

Yes, life must be tough for Dunham, HBO’s left-wing affirmative action queen — the latest benefactor (now that “30 Rock” has been put out of our misery) of having your ridiculously low-rated television show renewed only because a handful of elite left-wing critics and “taste-makers” dig it.

The Huffington Post actually does a brilliant job of ridiculing the tweets Dunham claims she hates having to post: her “Monday is for lovers” selfie, the tweet about dog farts, the photograph of her clean dinner plate…

For all of his professional life, straight through to the very day he died, Charles Dickens was buried under crushing writing deadlines, speaking obligations, social gatherings, and 10 children. He also raised money for more causes than you can begin to list, produced and acted in plays (usually to raise money for the needy or newly-widowed), performed readings of his own work, and oversaw various publications as editor, proprietor, writer, or all three at once.

Sure, Dickens complained. But he had the dignity to do so in private.  

Writers write.

Vacuous celebrities whine about the burden of their own dream coming true.


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