Report: President Can't Rally Stars for ObamaCare's Latest Push

Report: President Can't Rally Stars for ObamaCare's Latest Push

Celebrities had President Barack Obama’s back when it came time to roll out ObamaCare late last year.

Now, some of those stars would prefer not to lend their clout to a health care reform associated with crashing web pages, endless delays and job destruction.

The reports that while some celebrities are still using their social media accounts to encourage citizens to sign up for ObamaCare, they are far less willing to attach their face or brand to the reform package.

Contrary to expectations, the White House’s A-list backers have mainly stuck to Twitter to voice support for ObamaCare, while others have appeared in inexpensive online videos, or chosen to promote California’s insurance marketplace instead of, the notoriously troubled website for the federal exchanges.

Some celebrities are simply sitting out the latest marketing push.

It seems that not even the president’s most fervent and committed supporters want to get too close to ObamaCare. Some of Obama’s most powerful allies — figures including Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Springsteen and Beyoncé — have stayed in the wings for the enrollment push.

When it came time to shoot a pro-ObamaCare commercial to run during the just-wrapped Winter Games, the Obama administration had to settle for two retired NBA players to personify the push.