Deadline Hollywood Plays Publicist for F-Word Spewing 'Black Jesus'

Deadline Hollywood Plays Publicist for F-Word Spewing 'Black Jesus'


Looks like the Cartoon Network is more interested in courting controversy than laughs.  Other than portraying Jesus in a highly offensive way (that has zero to do with his skin color), the trailer is a terrible stereotyping of urban black Americans. The message appears to be that even if a black man is Jesus, he’s going to have a foul mouth and hit people. That’s the kind of thing you’d expect to scrawled on the wall  of a white supremacist club, not from black creators.

I’m a little speechless.

But to my primary point…

Also interesting is Deadline Hollywood selling out and sucking up to the Cartoon Network with its mockery of Christians by way of the American Family Association’s rebuke of the trailer.

Apparently, to prove Deadline Hollywood is a hip Christian basher who will always defend Hollywood against those menacing Christian hordes who politely respond to and even pray for those who seek to insult their faith, Deadline goes so far as to try and make the AFA look — you guessed it — racist:

The group notes it’s a late-night show that’s part of Adult Swim, but took issue that it portrays Jesus as a “black guy living in the hood.”

No, this what the AFA really took issue with (note the use of the word “cried”):

The depiction of Jesus swearing and “using violent behavior is a new low,” the org cried. …

Its “frequent foul language in the trailer alone is shocking and disgusting. In addition, violence, gunfire, drinking and other inappropriate behavior completely misrepresent Jesus.”

Even the article’s title mocks Christians:

Christian Group Blasts Adult Swim’s ‘Black Jesus’, To Surprise Of No One

Rather than simply report what the AFA objected to, Deadline — to, uhm, the surprise of no one — slipped into bed with and played defender/publicist for the very industry the outlet has promised to objectively cover.

If the Cartoon Network had the courage to satirize Mohammed in the same way, does anyone believe Deadline would be slapping its self-righteous knee and snarking on Muslims — because the site isn’t bigoted, or anything.  

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