Love Me Tender: Elvis Pubic Hair on Sale for Christmas

AP Photo/Unspecified
AP Photo/Unspecified

A man from Ohio is reportedly selling a pubic hair that he claims belonged to late rock ‘n’ roll icon Elvis Presley.

The man, who is unnamed, claims he got the pubic hair from his ex-wife, who had a rendezvous with The King, and plucked it from his crotch.

According to his Craigslist post, via Uproxx, the man has been holding onto the hair since 1965 and is now hoping to sell it for $5 thousand.

“All you Elvis collectors lookie here,” his post reads. “I have a real pubic hair from Elvis Presley plucked by my ex-wife Billie Jean Flurt from Elvis crotch in 1965. I hate to part with it. But it can be yours for Christmas for $5,000.00. Comes with letter of authenticity signed by Colonel Parker. I guarantee is real!”

According to Playboy, “Colonel Parker“ is likely Colonel Tom Parker, who served as Elvis’ manager.