Check Out the Minecraft Version of Minecraft Creator’s $70M Mansion

Beverly Hills, CA

As previously reported, Minecraft creator and newly-minted billionaire Markus Persson just outbid Jay-Z and Beyoncé to score a $70 million mega-mansion in Beverly Hills, complete with 16-car garage, candy room, and $5,600 toilets.

Now, in a fascinatingly meta move, Minecraft player Dan Bovey has recreated the Minecraft creator’s new digs in its entirety in, what else: Minecraft.

As can be seen in the video, Bovey literally recreated shot-for-shot the original video made to show off the house, even if, as Kotaku notes, he missed some details like less-polished furnishings and books on the shelves instead of alcohol.

We salute you, Dan Bovey; this will probably be the closest we ever get to setting foot in a $70 million home.