Liam Neeson Cancels Move to Ireland Over Government Water Regulations: ‘They F***ing Better Listen’

AP Photo
AP Photo
New York, NY

Actor and Northern Ireland native Liam Neeson was considering a move back to his home country, but he changed his mind after the government introduced a new charge on water, according to a new report.

Neeson has reportedly lived in New York for the last 20 years, but he made plans to return to home now that his two teenage sons have left home to attend college.

He spoke to the Irish Sun, stating that he has now changed his mind due to new regulations on water, which were recently implemented by the government.

His statement partially read:

We’ve been f***ed from a great height by these bankers and it’s the final straw…

To tax people for their water. Just wrong. I’ve always thought about coming home, especially now with my empty nest but this is just insulting. It turns me completely off.

I just think, ‘Come on, don’t f***ing insult the Irish people any more.’ It’s terrible.

I really hope the Government is doing something about it now and listening to the people and finding a solution. They f***ing better listen to the opposition.

The actor also spoke fondly of his home country, recalling, “There’s the sense of person you don’t get anywhere else, the humanity towards the other. The smell in the air. That beautiful clean air.”

The third installment of Neeson’s Taken series will debut in the United States on Jan. 9.