Kim Kardashian’s Butt Plastered on Statue of Liberty in New T-Shirt Line

DNAinfo/Michael P. Ventura
DNAinfo/Michael P. Ventura
New York, NY

For the past two weeks, Kim Kardashian has assumed the role of “Lady Liberty” as she has graced the front of T-shirts, which have been making their rounds in Midtown, New York.

The shirt shows the reality TV star posing as the Statue of Liberty, but instead of holding a torch, she’s holding a champagne bottle, and balancing a glass of bubbly on her bum.

This is apparently just the latest form of “art” that has been inspired by Kardashian’s recent Paper Magazine cover, the one that was meant to “break the Internet.”

Kanye West reportedly wanted to marry his new bride Kim in front of the statue last year, because when he’s with her, he feels “liberated,” but they ended up going to Italy instead.

The new fashion trend is priced at $21.99 and has been a major success for the souvenir shop, Phantom of Broadway.

“They’re very popular. We sold a lot the last two weeks,” said a manager at the store, via DNA Info. “People love it. Kim Kardashian has helped our business.”

Customers get a ten percent discount if they buy more than one of the shirts.

Mike Hernandez, an electronics store worker from the Bronx, has an idea of how to attract more people to the icon of freedom.

“Look at that body type!” he said. “I wish the real Statue of Liberty looked like that. She’d probably get more visitors.”