Fortune: Taylor Swift More Influential World Leader Than Obama

AP/Wade Payne
AP/Wade Payne

Is Taylor Swift the world’s greatest female leader? According to Fortune Magazine, T-Swift is more than just a pretty voice and face. The pop star is a powerful leader with the ability to change the world.

The publication released its second annual 50 World’s Greatest Leaders list this week, which shows the pop star at slot number six, slightly behind Pope Francis.

“These extraordinary men and women are transforming business, government, philanthropy, and so much more,” writes Fortune.

Swift’s nomination for the award has drawn criticism, as many skeptics have asked the magazine to explain their decision to place a pop star on their list of influential world leaders.

Here is the justification:

In the past year, Swift racked up an impressive list of savvy business moves. Back in November, she pulled her entire catalog from Spotify, saying that the streaming service doesn’t adequately compensate artists. Since then, she’s proved to be one of the savviest brand creators going.

Fortune continued:

The singer took steps to trademark some of her key phrases ( think “This sick beat”), devalued paparazzi snaps by posting her own photos to Instagram, and, just this week, made the news for buying up any adult-sounding web domains that include her name. She’s become a massive cultural influencer-exemplifying the exact model of leadership that forms the basis of this years list.

President Obama failed to earn a spot on the list for the second consecutive year. A word from the editor:

At home our politics are as divided—and our federal government is as dysfunctional—as they were when he took office. Abroad, the record is worse.

Many wise foreign-policy analysts believe the President’s public waffling on Syria not only fed the terrorism of the Islamic State, but also emboldened thugs around the world—notably Vladimir Putin.

The President has dismissed their criticism by saying he is “less concerned about style points.” But when it comes to leadership, style matters.

The top ten list includes:

1.) Tim Cook

2.) Mario Draghi

3.) Xi Jinping

4.) Pope Francis

5.) Narendra Modi

6.) Taylor Swift

7.) Joanne Liu

8.) John Roberts Jr.

9.) Mary Barra

10.) Joshua Wong

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