Mila Kunis Sued for Allegedly Stealing Ukrainian Singer’s Pet Chicken

Los Angeles, CA

A Ukrainian woman named Kristina Caro has filed a lawsuit against actress Mila Kunis alleging she stole her pet chicken 25 years ago.

According to TMZ, Kunis and Caro were best friends while they were in first grader in Ukraine.

Caro had a pet chicken, named Doggie, whom she loved like a dog, and alleges Kunis wanted Doggie all to herself.

The suit claims prior to moving to the United States, Mila would come over to Kristina’s house to play with Doggie until one day the bird mysteriously vanished.

Caro claims Kunis confessed to the crime at the time, saying, “Kristina, you can have any other chicken as a pet, you have a whole chicken farm.”

Kristina wrote in her lawsuit she was forced to seek emotional support from a therapist after the alleged incident.

Now she wants Mila to pay up $5,000 for her psychiatry sessions and emotional distress.

Mila later ended up in America, where she found success as an actress in both TV and film. Kristina was not far behind her and eventually moved to Tinseltown for her singing career.

Kristina alleges the incident has prevented her from pursuing the American dream, as she claims to be back in therapy, and had bad memories of her former best friend stealing her chicken.

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