Free ‘Battlefield 4’ Update Will Add New Guns, Game Mode, Additional Fixes

DICE/Electronic Arts
DICE/Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts subsidiary Digital Illusions CE (DICE) will release an update for Battlefield 4 on Tuesday, May 26. The update will include five new firearms, a “full weapons balance pass,” the multiplayer mode Gun Master, and PC operating fixes.

The update, which has already been available to players on Battlefield 4’s Community Testing Environment (CTE) servers, will add the AN-94, a fully automatic or two-round burst assault rifle; GROZA-1, a bullpup carbine with vertical grip; GROZA-4, a personal defense weapon with a built-in silencer; Mare’s Leg, a long-range, magnum-firing sidearm; and L86A2, a “run and gun,” magazine-fed light machine gun.

The “full weapons balance pass” enhances Battlefield 4’s difficulty by upping the recoil of firearms and reviving the 2-bullet headshot. DICE will also revive the Gun Master mode, in which players compete in a Team Deathmatch format. However, after killing an enemy twice in a row, players will switch weapons; the first player to cycle through all firearms wins. The mode has five variants that allow access to different weapons; there is standard, classic, pistol, DLC, and even a “troll” loadout.

The update also addresses various crashes. DICE warns players that these fixes concern Battlefield 4’s server and client; problems related to old graphics drivers are not a priority.

To integrate the patch, DICE will be closing the PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3 servers for one hour beginning at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00AM PDT, respectively.

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