Lady Gaga Threatens Lawsuit Over ‘Baby Gaga’ Breast Milk Ice Cream

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Pop singer Lady Gaga is threatening legal action over a brand of breast milk ice cream, called “Baby Gaga.”

Page Six reports the pop singer claims the flavor, created by British company The Licktators, constitutes a trademark infringement on the name “Gaga.”

Lady Gaga has now ordered the ice cream company to remove all marketing and social media posts featuring the Baby Gaga flavor by August 25, per Independent.

The company shared a copy of a letter sent by the singer’s lawyers to its Facebook page Saturday to emphasize it has no intentions to oblige to the written request.

The Licktators's photo.

While The Licktators have other flavors named after music icons, including “John Lemon” and “Jiggy Pop,” the company insists Baby Gaga pays homage to commemorate the birth of Princess Charlotte in May.

A spokesperson for the ice cream company told the Independent that it “will not back down over spurious trademark claims” because the word “Gaga” is in the Oxford English Dictionary and it is often associated with baby sounds.

“The Licktators say that the branding and social media for Royal Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream, created by Nadine O’Connor, neither names nor features Lady Gaga, or infringes the mark ‘Lady Gaga,'” the company wrote in a statement.

“We don’t lick boots, and we don’t be dictated to. However, we are sending complimentary tubs of our ice cream to Lady Gaga for chilling out to as a gesture of peace and goodwill,” the statement continued.