‘The View’s Michelle Collins: Hispanic Trump Supporter at Rally ‘Definitely a Set-Up’


The co-hosts of The View returned to two of their favorite subjects Friday in a discussion about Donald Trump’s recent rally in Las Vegas and Dr. Ben Carson’s comments on self-defense earlier this week.

Hosts Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd, Raven-Symone, and Michelle Collins discussed Trump’s recent rally in Las Vegas, where a Colombian woman joined the Republican frontrunner onstage to exclaim “I’m Hispanic… we vote for Mr. Trump!”

“You know, you’ve gotta love an immigrant who wants to stop immigration?” Behar said after The View played a clip from the rally.

“It was definitely a set-up,” Collins chimed in. “The first thing she said was, ‘I’m Hispanic and I love you Mr. Trump.’ He was there pulling the strings, basically.”

“She doesn’t represent a lot of people, but she does represent a lot of people as well,” Raven-Symone added. “It’s both sides of the story. I personally I was ready for her to go into some kind of song, she looked like she was going to sing.”

Shepard said she would not have been able to get away with what the Colombian woman did.

“Normally you’re not allowed to bum-rush the stage like that,” Shepard said. “If I tried to run up there, they’d grab me by the Afro and yank be back!”

The women next turned their attention to Republican presidential contender Dr. Carson, who suggested earlier this week in an interview with CNN that if Jews and others living through the Holocaust had been armed, the atrocities of the Nazis could have been mitigated.

“I talked to my mom about this,” Collins said, noting that was descended from Holocaust survivors. “Back in the 40s and 50s, these people (Jews) were coming from small towns. They were not raised to defend themselves. For him to victim-blame is disgusting.

Behar then brought up Carson’s recent comment about the Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon, where he suggested that if he were present at the shooting, he would have fought back.

“It’s ridiculous,” Behar said. “You don’t know how you would feel in a situation like that.”

Check out the rest of The View‘s segment on Trump and Carson here, courtesy of the Wrap.