Spike Lee: Politicians Opposing Obama’s Executive Gun Control Are ‘in Cahoots with the NRA,’ Taking ‘Blood Money’


In an interview with TheWrap, filmmaker Spike Lee said politicians speaking in opposition to President Obama’s executive gun controls are “in cahoots with NRA.”

The director of Chi-Raq–a film that focuses on the violence and death in highly gun-controlled Chicago–said politicians opposed to Obama’s gun control are taking “blood money” from the NRA.

According to The Wrap, Lee’s exact words were:

Those politicians, the conservatives, they’re in cahoots with the NRA and the gun manufacturers. They’re making money, it’s blood money. I’m gonna say it — it’s blood money.

The Associated Press reported that Obama’s executive gun control “wouldn’t have kept guns from mass shooters” in any of the public attacks of recent memory. The implication is that the gun controls will not keep guns out of the hands of mass shooters as they prepare to carry out new attacks. The New York Daily News called Obama’s gun controls “meaningless” for this same reason.

Are the AP and Daily News “in cahoots with the NRA” too?

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