Hollywood Gloats over Trump’s Second-Place Finish in Iowa

Seth Meyers
The Associated Press

Hollywood was falling all over itself to see who could come up with the best joke on Twitter when Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump placed second behind Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) at the Iowa caucuses Monday night.

Some stars, like Late Night‘s Seth Meyers and former Star Trek actor George Takei, jabbed Trump for losing when he has so often talked about winning.

Others, like Brit Hume, smugly re-tweeted a Trump tweet from December 2013:

Some, like Will Arnett and Billy Eichner, gleefully took shots at Sen. Ted Cruz, who won the caucuses with 27.6% of the vote.

But Rosie Perez was happy about it:

Carl Reiner, Jon Cryer and some others simply reveled in Trump’s loss:

Meanwhile, Chelsea Handler made a bizarre, possibly racist joke about Ben Carson:

And of course, celebrities were also cheering for their own side on Monday night, with Mark Ruffalo, Eliza Dushku, Emily Ratajkowski and others tweeting their support for Bernie Sanders:

14-year-old Girl Meets World star Rowan Blanchard summed up why Sanders had such a good night, despite ultimately losing by a hair to Clinton:

And Jerry O’Connell was not too far off when he suggested that the Democrat caucus be determined by Rock Paper Scissors: