CBS Casts Actress Sarah Shahi as Lead in ‘Diverse’ ‘Nancy Drew’ Reboot

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Los Angeles, CA

CBS’s has cast Person of Interest actress Sarah Shahi as the lead in its upcoming diverse Nancy Drew reboot pilot.

CBS announced it had begun developing a new Nancy Drew TV series last October, however, in January the network revealed that white actresses were not being considered for the part of the classic character.

Entertainment Weekly reports Shahi will play a grown-up version of the teen in the network’s contemporary take on the iconic character from the book series:

Now in her 30s, Nancy is a detective for the NYPD where she investigates and solves crimes using her uncanny observational skills, all while navigating the complexities of life in a modern world.

The former beauty pageant winner and Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, 36, was born in Texas to an Iranian father and a Spanish mother.

She shared her reaction to the announcement on Twitter Tuesday.

“Very excited for my new gig. This ain’t your momma’s Drew! HA!” she wrote.

CBS Entertainment president Glenn Geller told The Hollywood Reporter in January his network was “open to any ethnicity” for the role of Drew in the pilot, but said the character would not be “Caucasian.”

Shahi has starred in Fairly LegalLife and The L Word.