Michael Moore Rips ‘Wall Street’s Paid Candidate’ Hillary Clinton During Dem Debate

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Liberal filmmaker and Flint, Michigan native Michael Moore lit into Hillary Clinton and heaped praise on Bernie Sanders while live-tweeting CNN’s Democrat presidential debate, which aired live from Flint on Sunday night.

During the course of the debate, the Where to Invade Next filmmaker made frequent reference to Flint’s water contamination crisis, which has left thousands of people in the city sickened by lead poisoning and has led some to call for the resignation of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder.

Early on in the debate, Moore appeared to alternate between criticism of Clinton and discussion about the water crisis in Flint, which he called a “hate crime.”

The filmmaker also suggested that Democrats were as responsible for the Flint water crisis as Republicans:

Toward the end of the debate, Moore ramped up his attacks on Clinton:

Still, Moore apparently enjoyed the debate, even as he lamented what he called the media’s pro-Hillary bias.

Clinton and Sanders will continue their battle for delegates on Tuesday as Michigan and Mississippi hold their Democrat primaries.